3 Easy Steps To Receive Your Money

1. Apply online

  • 1 Go to Micromoney’s home page.
  • 2 Adjust the money you want and how long you want to borrow from Micromoney.
  • 3 Fill your email address and phone number. Then click “Apply now”.
  • 4 Fill up all the fields – Fields indicated with * are mandatory. Don't forget to add photos of your bank statement for the last 3 months, showing your full information.
  • 5 Click "Finish".
  • 6 Please wait for the call from us. This usually takes up to 10 hours depending on the queue.
  • 7 MAIN rules:
    • Loan should be less 40% of salary.
    • 1st loan – to bank account ONLY.
    • Second loan – Bank account or Payment system.
    • Minimum loan term to borrow bigger loan – 14 days of using money on current step.
    • Next loan can be taken after 5 days previous loan is repaid.
    • Each next loan or prolongation: +2more family contact person.
2. Wait for approval

  • 1 Please wait for the call from us. This usually takes up to 6 hours depending on the queue.
  • 2 Get pre-approved on loan amount on being called.
  • 3 Here we will need adequate information from you to approve your loan. But the next time you burrow from us again, we won’t be needing this and you can proceed just with a phone call.
3. 3 Receive the cash

Via bank transfer at your bank account

To receive from Bank Transfer, you must have a bank account in one of the approved Commercial Banks in Nigeria. If you don’t have yet, you’re recommended to apply for one.

Once you have an account with a Nigerian Bank, and you upload your Bank information (BVN), account name and number for authentication, we can send the requested money to that account.