About Micromoney

Micro-money is a company focused on micro-financing in the money lending industry and we aim to provide the best professional solution to your financial needs.

We provide premium financial services to your everyday needs without any collateral requirements. Easy approval procedures with the shortest processing time will make the loan application simple and fast.

Micro-money offers an innovative approach to consumer Online Cash Advance products, which allows us to adapt to your varying needs.

  • Rapid

    This is Micromoney’s motto. We made sure that all it takes is a few minutes for you to complete a hassle free online application. Upon approval, we make sure that you are able get your money in your bank account within 24 hours.

  • Simple

    Skip time-consuming queues, complicated application procedures and long approval waiting time. The simple application process, by filling out our online application form to sending a valid proof of your identity, place of residence and income, everything is completed with just a few clicks from your mobile device or computer.

  • Transparent

    We make it a priority in being transparent with your loan details. Building trust by making sure that you are clearly informed of your online cash advance terms and conditions.

  • 1We provide solutions for emergency financial needs. We give Cash Advance which can be acquired through online, not loan. (We are helping people who need money urgently before the salary)
  • 2Our average term is 14 days. Customers can keep the money from minimum 7 days to maximum 21 days.
  • 3We are the company "Lead Generation Company Limited" that provides consultancy services for emergency financial needs. This company also serves different services to customers, such as: Consulting service, callcenter support service, credit risk assessment service, technology and web-platform services (company registration no.664FC of 2015-2016(YGN)).
  • 4We are working in partnership with pawnshop, licensed under the laws of the government of Myanmar. Pawnshop interest rate is 2.5% per month. License No(4), Botahtaung Township, 2016-2017.
  • 5Customers can get the money just by filling up the online form.
  • 6The fees that customers should pay include both typical interest rate of pawnshop and service fees. Click here to see the tables indicating our daily serice fees.
  • 7Online advance cash services such our service are very popular in USA, whole ASIA, all countries in EUROPE and even in AUSTRALIA.
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